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We need a Crow Buster to hire
'Grab your gun and get to work.'

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Wow! It's so crow-ded
Wow! It's so crow-ded
U just receive a scarecrow.Hope it's not to late
Crows get scared, by whom? u guess - by ScareCrow
U just receive a silencer.Hush! maybe that will work
Minimum Requirements to play 'The Crow Buster':

-Processor: PII 350 MHz or equivalent
-Memory: 64MB RAM
-PCI Sound Card
-Video: 8 MB video card (16 MB video card recommended)
              Display resolution 800x600 pixels(1024X768 recommended)
-DirectX 8.0 or better
-Disk Space: 6MB
The Crow Buster is compatible with the following OS:

Windows 9x ME 2000 XP


    -Fast pace and dynamic - instant action
    -Choice to play unlimited number of levels (choice is available after
      all 25 levels are completed)
    -Top Ten table available for the best busters
    -Not just a simple shooter - strategy must be applied in order to
      earn more money and to advance more levels
    -Advanced AI govern crow's behavior
    -Nature like sound - randomly created. Just sit back and relax between
      levels, listen and enjoy the sound of nature
    -Shotgun, ScareCrow and a silencer are the items you must combine in
      order to succesfully achieve goals

'The Crow Buster' will give you many hours of fun by playing it.

      Thank you for visiting 'The Crow Buster' website!,
Radu Resinari
Crow Buster
Welcome to 'The Crow Buster' official website!

"We need a Crow Buster to hire" says a sign nailed up on an old tree. Are you ready for this job? If you are, then hurry up, grab your shotgun and get to work. You have to defend the corn as much as you can from the hungry crows. There are 25 days left to harvest. Do you think you can do it? Will see.
You'll be paid every day based on how much corn was left in the corn field plus how many crows you killed that day minus how many bullets did you shot - fair enough, don't you think?
You will receive a Scarecrow to help you on your job, and a silencer - crows get scared when you shot without a silencer but there are a few coming. Using a silencer the crows calm down, are easy to shot but more are coming. It's up to you how to build a strategy using those items. The Scarecrow is useful when you have a lot of crows in field, to get them out of there, but has limited lifetime so it's also up to you how to use it.
It's also important how you choose what crows to shot. Based on all that you must build your own strategy if you want to be in Top Ten and if you don't want to be fired.
And a final word of advice: think before you shot, be fast and precise.

Happy huntin'!
We need a Crow Buster to hire
Now available for only $19.95

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